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unfolded OS

Designed to run entirely locally on your remote, it offers a seamless and subscription-free experience, ensuring openness and expandability at your fingertips.

local and open

Unfolded OS runs locally on the device, ensuring your privacy and security are always prioritised.
Our open APIs empower developers to extend the capabilities of the device, unlocking endless possibilities for customisation and new device support.
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personal interface
Unfolded OS comes with beautifully designed user interfaces tailored for various device types, including lights, shades, and more. However you can create personalised interfaces for activities and remotes to tune the controls to your needs.
simplified configuration
Customise the remote with simple drag-and-drop, using the web configuration interface - running locally on device.
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speaks your language
The user interface on the remote and the web configurator supports multiple languages, even for device names.
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tailored access
Easily create profiles for every family member or guests, ensuring personalized experiences with tailored access controls.
restricted profiles
Restricted profiles offer no access to settings, ensuring guests cannot alter configurations.

activities & macros

Activities streamline your experience by executing a sequence of commands to effortlessly power on multiple devices at once.
drag-and-drop configuration
Seamlessly create sequences by dragging and dropping commands with the Web Configurator.

devices & integrations

Unfolded OS integrates with a diverse range of smart home hubs and devices, supporting various control options including WiFi, Bluetooth, and infrared.

Our vibrant community actively contributes to expanding our ecosystem with integrations enhancing your smart home experience.
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