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You can see here what features are under development for Unfolded OS with their expected release date. As much as we do everything to keep this roadmap, unexpected things could pop up and therefore we reserve the right to change the roadmap to reflect a more updated development schedule.

June 2024

  • Pair as Bluetooth HID keyboard / mouse to devices
  • Upload custom integrations to the remote

July 2024

  • Voice support for Home Assistant Assist
  • Global Caché IR send integration
  • Publish Remote 3 API enhancements
  • Add Remote 3 support to Simulator

Q3 2024

  • Beta release of new Web-Configurator 2.0
  • Beta release of new dock firmware
  • Publish Dock 3 API enhancements
  • Media browsing, including playlist, albums
  • Speaker groups in supported integrations
  • Local voice control for entity commands
  • Wake the remote from deep sleep with a magic packet over WiFi network
  • Video stream entity

Q4 2024

  • RS232 support in new dock
  • ESP Home support for Dock 3
  • IR learning on the remote
  • OpenHAB integration
  • IKEA Trådfri integration


  • Extending voice support on the remote
  • Adding voice support in Dock 3
  • Additional support for more home automation systems
  • ioBroker integration
  • Hubitat integration