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Our journey

We are a bunch of enthusiasts, who want to create beautiful, usable and most importantly lasting products. We could almost say we met accidentally, drawn together by the drive and urge to find the best remote control for our home automation systems. There was not one on the market at the time, that was nicely designed, had a well documented API and worked on the local network without reuqirements for cloud connections and subscriptions.

So in the middle of the pandemic, we decided to start a company and create a solution, that can easily hook up to our existing systems and provide a unified user interface to control our devices.

We didn’t want to create yet another home automation platform. There are many great solutions out there and it didn’t make sense to just add one more to the table. Rather we focused on creating the missing piece of the puzzle: a control system, that is flexible enough to work with almost any platform or device, yet keeping a unified design language.

Our goal was to create an easily adaptable core and user interface, that is open, works locally and gives control back to the user.  We quickly realised, that the best way to provide a unified, smooth expierience is to design our own hardware too.  With software and hardware in perfect symphony, we can create products, that are easy to use, distinct in design and gives the best possible user experience.

Scattered around the globe

We bring a wide range of competencies to the table from all around the globe. Our founders have extensive experience from the world of design, software and hardware, that enables us to create integrated, intuitive products with fluid user experiences.

Our company was built to operate remotely from day one. Based in Denmark, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, we cover a lot of ground and have easy access to local suppliers and partners. We embrace remote work and processes, that create a vibrant environment, where everyone can thrive, regardless of location or timezone.


Marton Borzak

CEO, Head of Design

Markus Zehnder

Head of Software

Lutz Harder

Head of Hardware

Niels de Klerk


Markus Mahr

company facts

Unfolded Circle ApS

Frederiksberg, Denmark

CVR: 42589977
VAT: DK42589977
+45 88 74 31 96